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Nach 2 Jahren sind wir soweit diesen Kurzfilm zu drehen, es handelt über eine Kurdische Familie die als Flüchtlinge sich in er Schweiz abgesetzt haben. Der Film handelt über wahren Begebenheiten.

Titel: Bird of Jannah -  Genre: Drama - Production: Frameworks Pictures
Drehbeginn: Feb. 2017, Fertigstellung ca. April.
Budget: ca. CHF 10'000

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We are Filmmakers. We Produce Movies, Advertising TV Spots, Documentary and Focusing on new Film ideas. Our experience and knowledge is Directing, Storytelling, Camera and Postproduction. We worked and work on Black Magic Ursa Mini 4.6K, DSLR Canon Mark III and RED Scarlet.


Our Goals is to move people with emotions, we are excited to start every single new Project.

Story telling

"The world is full of images that pass like a Movie. Pictures are created in our heads and want to be seen in several new variations. They are subtle nuances that make the big difference and demand a perfect staging as well as precise craftsmanship, creative creativity and the joy of looking at everything a bit differently.

This is how images are created with a soul. Pictures that tell stories. Pictures that do not let go, you think about. Pictures, which can be dived into a very own world. Images that become sequence for sequence to a whole movie and invite you to take on a role in the scenery itself. A thought game that lets real scenes experience real. An experience that is addictive."

- Claudio Frasca -


“Creative adaptability is the key to successful conservation.”