The short film by Bird of Jannah,
a drama film that comes to an end.

Film length: 33min, Curdish & Swiss German with German and English subtitles.



Bird of Jannah was selected as
the Best Fiction Movie 28.10.2018
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Our decisions also affect our fellow human beings. As parents we have a very special influence on our children. We not only take responsibility for you, but also shape your future as role models. But not infrequently, it is the children who hold up the mirror to us parents and make us better, stronger people


Selected from the Jury we have placed this competition as 3th.
With a simple story about Father and Son

Claudio Frasca
Certified Photographer and Master in Story Telling
“One of my greatest joys is to see people get big goals. All while realizing that exercise is fun”.

I stared nearly 18 Years Ago as a Designer, i went through a lot of studies in multimedia, Animation, Fotografie, Film and Effects. Later on i worked as a Communication Designer and i could create more ideas in all the Advertising section. Today my Passion is Making Movies, want to create emotion for the folk.
And Winning at the Montecatini Florence the International Film Festival for the best Fiction Movie gives me the Motivation that i am doing the right way.


Production, conception:

  • Imagevideos
  • Imagefotos
  • Advertising
  • Music videos
  • Webvideos
  • Fair and Eventvideos
  • Product videos
  • Concept videos
  • Short films
  • Long-distance movies
  • Videoportraits
  • Reports
  • Documentary films
  • Documentary Photo

Production with:

  • DSLR cameras
  • Leica SL
  • Blackmagic 4.6k
  • RED Scarlet
  • 360 ° VR
  • GoPro action camera
  • 2 intersections with
  • Da Vinci Resolve – Final Cut X
  • DVD and Blueray burner (printing and making a master copy to duplicate your video)

Partner and network for:

  • Drones pictures
  • Light, dolly and crane
  • Make Up Effects
  • music compositions
  • 3D animation and motion

Kurse / Workshops:

  • Massgeschneiderte Kurse
    für Filmen, Fotografie bis zur Software Lightroom, Photoshop und
    Final Cut X Pro.


Shooting expression is more then a Photographie is a life reminder.

„Never stop your goals, also
if you have 1001.“

Claudio Frasca


„Filming is what i can what i want
and what i do, no passion no gain.“

Roberto Cancellara

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8610 Uster

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